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Reinventing the Breakfast Meeting

Start with Unique Menu Offerings

While we will discuss other important features below, designing a menu that is satisfying and delicious is key. Below are a few of our favorite signature items to include with breakfast or brunch.

  • Raclette station served with freshly made crepes (Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted top)
  • Truffle Egg Salad served on an elevated display in egg shell cups
  • Mini, individual frittatas with a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs


Put the Food Front and Center

Ditch the traditional, uninspired buffet and incorporate your food selections into your table settings. Consider it a mix between family style and moving the buffet to the dining table.  This encourages interaction between guests and ensures a beautiful table. Let’s be honest, conversations shared over food are always the most memorable. Here are some keys to presentation success:

  • Use decorative risers to maximize table space and create multiple layers
  • Select vases and non-traditional display items to showcase your food selections
  • Incorporate fresh flowers – simple arrangements always add polish to a tablescape


Encourage Guests to Personalize

For meals that encourage networking, creating a station or experience that guests can customize a dish or a drink. This will get guests interacting throughout the entire event, not just at their tables. Some of our favorite options:

  • Mimosa bar with choice of juices, fruits syrups and garnishes
  • Bloody Mary bar with a couple different tomato juice bases, a selection of hot sauces and pickled vegetable garnishes
  • Freshly made crepes with a variety of sweet and savory toppings to customize your dish


Take your meetings to the next level by incorporating these suggestions and you will have no problem keeping your attendees excited about showing up at 8am. Work with your catering company or event venue to design unique menu offerings, switch up the presentation by moving individual serving items to the table and utilize the space once occupied by a buffet to set up an interactive or customizable station and breakfast might actually become your favorite meal of the day.


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